Sanjeevni Reiki Distance Healing can Heal From Far Away... In both Time and Space.
Reiki distance healing is one of the most popular topics when people are first learning about Reiki. Most energy healing systems need the healer to be in more-or-less direct contact with the person receiving the energy healing. Often, the energy healing is done on oneself and Reiki works for that, too. But the ability to send Reiki energy through time and space is one thing which always gets the attention.  
Reiki Can Go The Distance 

In normal, in-person Reiki treatments, the practitioner places his or her hands on the body of the recipient. This is only to make the giving of the Reiki energy easier. In fact, when using Reiki energy on a sensitive or awkward area, the practitioner will typically move his or her hands to a place about 6-12 inches (15-30 cm.) away from the body. However, Reiki distance healing requires the use of the proper Reiki symbol. With this, the Reiki healer can form a connection between them and the recipient. From there, they direct the Reiki energy as seems right to them.
Reiki Distance Healing Through Time?
Reiki energy sent to an event in the past does help. It doesn't change the event, but it does ease the pain. That in turn improves your life in the present. One can select an event that had mental/emotional repercussions over ones entire life so far. Looking back on it now, it is so faded, you have to work recall it. The memory is there, but it is no longer actively hurting you.
My experiences sending Reiki into the future were even more interesting. I chose to send Reiki healing to myself in terms of a painful work environment that I was experiencing. I spent some time sending Reiki energy into the future and just letting it flow.

When I returned to work, I didn't notice a big difference. I wondered what was going on. I just shrugged and went about my job, figuring I'd see a response sooner or later.

A couple of weeks after I sent the Reiki energy into the future, I was dealing with an extremely stressful situation, I suddenly felt the Reiki energy flowing into me. Instead of simply showing up when I returned to work, the Reiki energy went to the "critical point" and gave me exactly what I needed, when I needed it. This forever cancelled any doubts I had about sending Reiki energy through time.

Reiki is More than Distance Healing. While Reiki distance healing is wonderful, it is just one part of what makes Sanjeevni Reiki such a powerful and versatile healing mode. The protections it gives the practitioner, the restrictions it has against doing harm, the intelligent way it applies itself, these things and more give sanjeevniReiki a special place in any bodies heart. does it work practically?
Please send me an enquiry with an outline of your issue, so we can discuss an approach. I then request the above details and payment. Once I have these, we agree on a time suitable to both of us. You set aside that time to find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed, and can preferably lie down and relax. I conduct the session during this time. After the session, I send you email feedback within 24 hours on what I picked up, and the resolutions, and suggested next steps. Sometimes I suggest an additional session, but you are under no obligation to take this up.
It often takes a couple of days to process the effects of a healing session, so I ask you to give yourself time and some space in your life to assimilate the effects and then evaluate whether the session was helpful to you or not. I always appreciate feedback and referrals if you feel so inclined.
How much does an individual session cost?
 Option 1 :
 A single session of 40 minutes:
 US$10 - International
 Option 2:
 A package of 3 sessions of 40 minutes each:
 US$15 - International

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