Mrs. Sangeeta Mittal, International Reiki Grand Master

Many Therapies aim to restore balance in the biofield-Accupunture, Gigong, Shiatsu, and Yoga/Pranayam to name a few. Reiki appears to be the subtlest of these therapies, balancing the recipient through subtle Reiki vibration does not originate in the biofield, but rather arises from an even subtler source: what physicists have termed the unified field: GOD FORCE.

She operates a successful practice in the PUNJAB (INDIA) & CANADA. Her healing expertise is based on, under-standing how the body works, her years of experi-ence and her love affair with the magic of mystic life. Her hallmark is a natural, hands-on, method of regaining and maintaining health and manifestation of desires.
After her first attunement to the vibrational mystic word in 1993 she developed substantial practice in Punjab and overseas and kept learning parallely from different gurus. Throughout these years, she has became sensitive to the Energy atmosphere around people’s bodies and discovered powerful therapeutic effects when she interacted with that, she incorporated this new dimension into her practice, focusing on the release of blockages in a patient’s Bio-Energy Field.
Mrs. Sangeeta Mittal is the wife of Mr. Amrit Sagar Mittal, a business tycoon & Vice Chairman of Sonalika Group of Industries manufacturer of Sonalika Brand tractors a multi billion industry ranked among top 4 tractor manufacturing companies in the country.

Mrs. Sangeeta Mittal has three children (two daughters and one son) and three grandchildren also. The elder daughter, Mrs. Sagarika Goyal is married to Mr. Navneet Goyal, an industrialist, based at Faridabad, Haryana and the younger daughter, Dr. Geetika Gupta, married to Mr. Adit Gupta, an industrialist based at Delhi. Her son, Mr. Sushant Sagar Mittal is studying in UK doing Post Graduation in Business Management.

Mrs. Sangeeta Mittal has taken the attunement from the Masters naming few are :- Mr. Antoniomoraga
Mr. Kaith
Mr. Madabusi Subhramaniam
Mr. Gurbax Singh

Mrs. Sangeeta Mittal has successfully conducted so many courses in Punjab & Canada. The donations collected from these courses are shared as Charity by the registered society “Touch For Abundance” to help the needy families, poor children for their education, clothing and conducting medical camps in slum areas and villages.