Reiki FAQ



Rei = Universal

Ki = Life force Energy

Synonyms of Ki:

  • Chi in China
  • Prana in India
  • Ka in Egypt
  • Holy Ghost in Bible
  • Orgon by Dr. Reich


History of REIKI.      

  1. Reiki is quite ancient - as ancient as the Universe.
  2. In Pre-patriarchal India, Lord Shiva brought it to this Planet & encoded in human genes.
  3. Gautam the Buddha discovered it.
  4. Jesus the Christ was trained on it in Tibet.
  5. In late 1800 Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered from ancient Sanskrit Tibetan Sutras.
  6. Dr. Chijiro Hayashi become master in 1925 & initiated 13 Masters.
  7. Mrs. Hawayo Takata received for mastership from Dr. Hayashi in 1938. She trained 22 Reiki Master in USA / Canada.
  8. Paula Horan & William Rand did lot of work in India on Reiki & trained Masters.

How REIKI works?

  1. Inside Every human being there is a subtle system of Channels (nadis / meridians ) & centers of energy (Chakras) Which look after our Physical, intellectual, emotional & Spiritual being.
  2. Reiki flows through this system.
  3. Ida / Pingla / Sushumna are main Nadis for flow of Reiki

How Reiki Works?

All beings are given a spark of Ki at birth, which is stored in them for life.

This Ki energy has its own force field, known as Aura, which has colours.

Along spine there are seven energy transformers in from of Vortices known as Chakra.

Flow of Reiki removes blocks & balances Chakras & increases Ki

Chakras impact Endocrine glands & which results in healing.

How Reiki Works – II

Chakra Vs Endocrine Glands & Emotional Intelligence.
  • Crown / Pincal – Synergy, Intuition, Spirituality.
  • Brow / Pituitary – Forgiving , Discrimination, Emotional.
  • Throat / Thyroid  - Communication , Collectivity.
  • Heart / Thymus – Fearlessness.
  • S – Plexus / Pancreas – Contentment
  • Sacral / Glands – Aeshetics.
  • Root / Adrenals – Innocence / Transparency.