Touch For Abundance- Hoshiarpur, Punjab, invites you to become a Sanjeevni Healer by joining Sanjeevni Circle, For healing every one with the Cosmic Vibration Life force energy-The Unconditional Love- THE ULTIMATE REIKI SANJEEVNI POWER.

It’s an opportunity to grab the golden chance of becoming Sanjeevni Healer under the Blessing & guidelines of Traditional REIKI Grand Master Mrs. Sangeeta Mittal Ji.

Touch for Abundance is a Govt. Registered society and a autonomous unit, which organizes the Basic Level, Advance Level, and  Karuna Reiki Courses along with certificate distribution in the various parts of northern India in its own SANJEEVNI-HEALING TEMPLE.

One of the most talked-about topics in energy healing is the concept of “Remote Energy Healing”. Put simply, it is the practice of performing energy healing remote kind when you're not right there to do it. Many different energy-healing methods have ways or techniques for remote healing. We are healing the healee through hand to hand and organize Distant Healing programs for the healee residing in any part of the world, from Sanjeevni-Healing Temple through the group of distant Healers under the guidance of our Traditional Reiki Grand Master Mrs. Sangeeta Mittal Ji.

We are always interested in spreading our network to raise conscious level of every human being to attain the BLISS FULL LIFE, through the Cosmic Sanjeevni Energy-Reiki. Reiki alone offers many benefits; group healing magnifies its healing qualities. Some of them are relaxation, relief from pain and stress, greater insight and awareness, increased intuitive abilities, a feeling of lightness (as if a "burden" has been lifted away) and more.

For our SANJEEVNI CIRCLE "Distance Healing" you are welcome to register names of people who need healing in any sphere of their life to achieve.  

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