Experience after attunement of Reiki
Reiki is the life force energy of the divine power flowing everywhere and in every living /non living body in the universe in abundance as I have understood from my Guru, master and grand master. Since my child-hood it has been my endeavor to learn about the almighty through Gurbani verses, through any media or from any where I could learn especially by reading OSHO’s book for about more then 25 years. It has been my sheer luck that I happened to have the darshan of Satguru Bheni Sahib, Maharaj Radha Swami, but my quest for attaining truth was not fulfilled. Probably my sadhne was incomplete. My wife, Satinder, whom I love very dearly has been telling me about Reiki attunement from Sangeeta ji for about 8 years. She has been giving Reiki to all members of our family and I believed in her pursuits absolutely on account of my personal feelings to some extent. Therefore, my quest for learning Reiki kept on growing till my wife read the advertisement in the newspaper for Reiki attunement which I attained eventually at Hoshiarpur on 8thand 9thof Nov, 2008 from my Guru Sangeeta ji. Hence my first search for finding the right path has lead me to take first step towards learning the truth/divine power. Of course, I could channelize my path with the warmest blessing of Sangeeta ji in whom I find my first Guru, who had made it possible in pursuit of my search for truth. Kabir Sahib says that- Guru Gobind Dou Khare Kake lagun Paon Baliharee Guru Aapkee Jin Gobind Deeya Batae Kabir Sahib standing in front of both his Guru and God is in a fix, whose feet he may touch first to show his regards and gratitude. Finding his status, God signaled him to touch the feet of his Guru first with whose blessings and guidance, he could have the glance of God. I am, therefore, completely indebted and grateful to Sangeeta ji whose divine touch on my third eye has opened the gates for my next pursuit of truth. I will be failing if I don’t mention the name of my wife who has played a great role in my life in mobilizing me and keeping me on the right track/path. After attunement of Reiki, my life pattern has changed tremendously. I have started enjoying the company of Reiki all day long and throughout the life for the last one year, I had become so sensitive and unknown fear had grown in my mind making me unstable, anxious with unknown anxiety, which I could not identify. As a result of above negativity, my weight fell down and occasionally my blood pressure used to drop considerably making me more fearful about myself. As per medical report and medical checkups, everything was ok. To overcome that, I was put on tranquilizers and other supporting medicines. I used to carry medicines with me to meet any emergency at any time. But my heartiest and warmest regard and thanks to my Guru Sangeeta ji and Reiki, my master and grand master, with whose blessings and power, I could terminate my medical aid except for minor anti-acids and my sensitivity and unstability and anxiety and already gone. My normal health is getting restored. Now, I feel Reiki is with me always. I feel the presence of grand master Dr. Mikas Usni whenever I need him for my help. He helps me and charges me with power and I get it. I am extremely grateful to my wife Satwinder who has always been my guide throughout the critical periods of my service carrier and it is because of her active and perpetual guidance that I could elevate to the highest host of Chief Engineer in PSEB. My children as well inspired me whenever I required. My parents also guided and inspired me to achieve my goals in life. First principal of Reiki is – Our gratitude and thanks to every living and non living thing because the Divine Power resides everywhere. It is a matter of awareness and realization. Reiki guides – Not to worry for today. Not to be angry for today. Honour our parents, teachers, elders, rather everybody who so ever comes in our conduct. Be humble and nice to everybody and love or living things and show our gratitude to all. Before attunement, I was of the opinion that I am humble, don’t worry, and never get angry and love all living things but I now fine that the above is not fully true. Of course it is correct that I am basically humble in nature, polite with everyone and love to help anybody. I could observe that I do get offended, get angry, do worry a lot, coupled with anxiety. I have started analyzing my self very minutely with the on set of Reiki Power. This new awareness has channelised me to learn what my negativities are and Reiki has/is helping me to assess and remove all the minutest negativities and bad habits of getting angry, my worries and anxiety embedded deep in my mental depths with regular practice and blessings of my Guru Sangeeta ji and Reiki presence, I am Sheddin all above negativities. My body, mind and soul are getting cleaner, purified with a heeling touch in my physical body as well. I find Reiki is a very deep spiritual thing and to learn perfectly, we will have to completely surrender our selves to God till we attain and understand Reiki. When I start empowering my body with Reiki, I am completely filled with ANAND, and wish to keep on enjoying that state of mind forever. I used to listen Anahed ned earlier as well, but now it is different and its ANAND has enhanced to manifold. I can listen to Anahed ned any time during the day and performing my routine duties. I am of the opinion that have become more stable and relaxed and walked into a state of peace of mind most of the time. OSHO says that before we go to sleep at night, if we listen to Anahed ned continuously, and very carefully, we listen a very minute crackening noise and this is the moment then the conscious mind goes to sleep but the unconscious mind is awakened and this exercise leads to the beginning of meditation. I don’t know what meditation is, but I have started experiencing as above. Before sleep, that now my mind goes empty with a white screen. Sometimes moving cones of different colors appear, but usually it is violet color cone moving clock. Sometime I feel that when I lie down for rest and relaxation after Reiki session, I find that my body starts vibrating and then it starts flying like we feel when an airplane rises in the air and this state is very enjoyable indeed. OSHO says that the simplest way of going into meditation is to first start taking deep breaths through out and stop taking shallow breathings. I now realize and analyze that the purpose of deep breathing is to bring out all our negativities this helping in purifying our mind and bringing us to a state of thought less ness, which I am experiences now. To end, I am still a student and wish to learn more about Reiki. I, will, therefore, continue my merch to practice more and learn more about Reiki with the guidance and blessings of my Guru Sangeeta ji. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you With Deep Regards Er. K.S.BAHRA Chief engineer (Rtd.) 19 Parkash Nagar Jalandhar Mob. 9814207624
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